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Command-PMSFishing Products & Services

Complete Open Hole Fishing Services
Complete Cased Hole Fishing Services
External Tubing and Casing Patches
Internal Pipe Cutting
Junk Catchers
Section Milling
Multi-Lateral Systems
Remedial Work Over
Wash Over Pipe and Accessories
Junk Mills
Complete Rental Supply and Services
Specialty Milling Services
Casing Repair
External Pipe Cutting
Milling Tools
Packer Milling and Recovery
Well Abandonment
Conventional Whipstocks
Specialty Milling Services
Coiled Tubing Fishing
Casing Cutting and Retrieval
Work Over Planning and Engineering
Tool Design and Fabrication Services
Experienced Well Site Supervisors

Wireline & Pipe Recovery Products & Services

Complete Pipe Recovery Services
String Shot Back Services
Bridge Plug / Cement Retainer Services
Wire Line Fishing
Specialty Cutting Services
Perforating Services
Free Point
Chemical Cutting
Casing Jacks
Jet Cutting
Split Shots
Limited Logging Capability

Other Services